Sex Chess is Here. And It’s Kind of Awesome.

If you’re a chess player who also doubles as a porn gamer, well, today is your lucky day.

That’s because there’s no Sex Chess. And it’s as sweet as it sounds.

Chess is a game of elaborate, intellectual considerations and strategy. We don’t often associate chess with sexy personas or culture. Well, there is the Botez girls, but that’s another story.

With the exception of some unfrequent instances, Chess is dull sport that’s beloved by those who love its complex challenges.

Now, appropriately named Evil Boobs Cult has created and launched Sex Chess on Steam. And people are already digging it.

Sex Chess isn’t just chess, it has a twisted plot. Because, of course it does.  Don’t believe me? Check out the description found on its Steam page.

“Hell is about to get invaded and the sinners trapped inside are about to be freed. But the clueless liberators had no idea how cunning the Devil is. This time, the war between Light and Darkness will be waged not on the battlefield, but on a chess board,”

“Take on the role of a hellish BDSM practitioner, the Devil’s most important henchman, and crush the leader of the Light Forces in a six round duel on the chessboard.”

Yes, chess with BDSM and sex. What more do you need?

Wanna feel the vibe? Check out the Sex Chess board.

sex chess review board

Honestly, that boards pretty dope. In other words, Sex Chess isn’t a low-quality game, clearly, it’s graphics are pretty heavy and solid work.

The dark vibe clearly speaks to its BDSM feels.

The board is amply filled with dominatrixes and there’s some 3D elements to the play, such as death happenings.

Sex Chess is high-octane stuff.

sex chess review

Sex Chess was forced to delay its launch, but only by a few hours. So the chess nerds/pervs didn’t have to wait too long to dive into this very special, and porny, experience. Of all the porn games out there, Sex Chess is the most left field. Because in the end, we can think of at least 20 other games that make more sense to porn up.

But Sex Chess does win the day. The graphics are powerful, 3D, eyepopping events. This isn’t a game that was rushed to market, there’s a lot of attention to detail.

The adult game section on Steam is increasing at a fast pace. In fact, we have a full Steam top porn games list you can peruse. We tend to update that list weekly. Will Sex Chess find its way on the Steam top porn game list? Only time will tell, but judging from these fantastic graphics, most likely it finds its way.