Sin VR Review: Explore a dark, erotic, virtual reality porn game

The virtual world of sadomasochism appeals to a large number of porn game players. SinVR ranks as one of the best sadomasochistic virtual porn game experiences you will find. Throughout my Sin VR review, I’ll explore why this game is one of the most popular porn games online today.

If you are interested in playing Sin VR, fear not, the game is simple to understand and easy to interact with. As my Sin VR review will go over, the game’s main purpose places you (the user) in extreme sexual encounters.

Sin VR uses Patreon as a funding platform and has 100s of patrons who donate some of their spare change to keep the game running. Sin VR has a good-sized fan base due to its extreme niche and simple concept.

Sin VR is listed as one of our Best Adult VR Games.

So let’s get to it, is Sin VR really all that?

Sin VR Review: How To Play

sin vr porn game

For some, porn games that are too easy just aren’t “games.” And that can be a turn off to some players looking for more advanced and complex gameplay.

Sin VR is in your face hardcore sex. It gets to the point. You don’t solve any puzzles or guess names, you just get down and dirty with immediacy.

Step One: Download Sin VR to your computer.

Step Two: Set up your Virtual Reality environment as you normally would.

Step Three: Play Sin VR

Nothing complicated in that.

Here’s the thing, if you opt to not use VR gaming equipment with Sin VR, then you need to use your mouse. If you plan to use your mouse, I’d just take a pass on this game because it’s just not the same cool and erotic experience. If you are using a mouse, check out our free porn games.

If you don’t have any VR glasses but are considering buying some, check out this list of options.

If you have VR glasses, you are set. Keep reading.

Pick a Girl…Any Girl

Your VR glasses are snug to your face. Your pants are off. Now the fun begins.

With Sin VR, you are immediately prompted to pick the girl you’d most like to experience. You can turn your head to roll through the selections. Some girls are parodies of major studio characters, such as Alana Quinn. Sin VR tends to note the parody aspect, most likely due to liability concerns.

Each girl cost a fee. You don’t pay a membership for most of the girls, instead, you pay per girl you’d like to experience. Yes, this sounds just like….

But it’s not really…

Ok, maybe it is, but in the virtual porn game world. So that’s OK.

That said, some of the girls are gated content. The good news is that the most popular Sin VR girls are pay to play.

Here are some of the sexy Sin VR girls you’ll get to choose from:

test chamber sin vr spank me harder sin vr alana quinn sin vr silent asylum sin vr rodeo show sin vr the dragon milf sin vr gili fox sin vr wilsons classroom sin vr jessicas alley sin vr the enforcer sin vr tiffany sin vr scarlet sin vr the huntress sin vr dominique sin vr


When you purchase a Sin VR girl, you own her forever.

Alana Quinn and the Dragon Milf (Game of Thrones) are the two popular parody girls. Both girls are built strikingly similar to their original counterparts, which is why they are two of the most popular Sin VR girls. But all of the girls are incredibly well-done. You can’t go wrong, it just depends on what you enjoy.

Check out the amazing Sin VR graphics:

sin vr porn game screencap

sin vr screencap

sin vr sadomasochist images

The graphics are intense, realistic, and versatile. Using VR glasses, you can wind up in nearly any erotic sexual position you so desire. That’s what makes the game so damn great and why I recommend only playing it if you own some VR glasses. The experience with a mouse just isn’t the same.

Sin VR Costs

As explained, you can buy girls via a one time fee. You can also become a member. The membership pricing is a sliding scale depending on your length of time purchased.

For one month, it’s $19.99. But if you buy a full year, you pay $119.88.

Some people choose to pay using the Patreon setup. In this case, you collect coins to use towards purchasing individual girls. The amount of coins you receive is determined by how much you choose to donate.

Sin VR Specs

You’ll need a Windows computer or Android device. Clearly, Sin Vr works well with most of the mainstay VR headsets, including HTC Vivie, Gear VR, and the popular Oculus Rift. You won’t need pricey add ons for the devices, the base gear will do you just fine.

Using your VR headset, you will be able to spank girls with authority, control their hips, feel up their shirts, and change your sex position on the fly. It’s all easy to control when you have a VR headset.

The graphics are intense and pipe through the VR headset in a way that completely alters your reality. This, of course, is the point of the game.


My Sin VR review is a solid 7. The game’s graphics win the day, the parody girls such as The Dragon Milf are sexy and realistic. But using a mouse for the game sucks. You will definitely need a VR headset to truly enjoy the entire intended Sin VR experience.

The game does cost, no matter what you may hear online. You’ll at least pay roughly $10 per girl. The good news, of course, is that you own the girl for life.