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Aftermath game - All hell is breaking loose as a global nuclear war between superpowers has left the planet in rubble. You are the son of a mysterious shadow organization called The Clergy. You have inherited a station and must oversee all of the people. Your goal is to restore order and somehow to protect the area, and it's last inhabitants. What's the problem? Everyone in your station is a woman! You're the only guy, which means you're the only thing in town with a penis!


amam | 18 Jan 2023 09:45:48 PM

just export the save and whenever you start the just import the save from you file manager

plotpurps | 01 Jan 2023 04:08:28 PM

game crashes whenever gracie and zoe are at the diner

Ansh | 27 Dec 2022 05:25:31 AM

this game getting crashed

scottyasf | 17 Dec 2022 11:35:23 PM

game is good but it keeps crashing when i leave the room and eva is out there

LigmaBalls | 17 Dec 2022 02:23:46 PM

it keeps losing my saves what can i do

Dngliltk | 12 Dec 2022 11:25:44 PM

should i try a different path

Igneel | 11 Dec 2022 09:35:08 PM

crashing anytime zoe or ave are in the hallway

Dngliltk | 10 Dec 2022 01:24:14 AM

same any idea how to fix that lol

Nonamesleft | 06 Dec 2022 04:56:59 PM

love the game but always crashes on me when gracie confronts zoe about the dress

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