Apple vs. Epic: A Massive, and Now Bizarre, Legal Battle Over Porn Games

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One of the most substantial and impactful gaming industry legal battles has begun. As two billion dollar companies face off, we are witness to both complex legal challenges as well as mindboggling bizzare mico-battles involving porn games.

In 2020, Epic began the pursuit of a lawsuit against it’s now foe, Apple. Epic, the creator of Fortnite, asserted that Apple’s 30% cut amounted to extortion. Well, not in those exact words, but my dramatic take probably isn’t far from the mood. In essence, Epic accused Apple of unfair business practices in concern with its popular App Store.

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The Future of Porn Games Might Be Super Bizzare, But Remains Unrelenting

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As porn games continue their ascent into the mainstream space, many people are wondering if there is any ceiling at all. There’s something unique when it comes to the relationship that porn games have with mainstream gaming.

If we look at the history of porn, what we find typically is an inverse relationship. Sure, Hollywood movies tow the porno line with sexual storylines and imagery. But they do know exactly where the line is, how to dance around it, and when to stop.

The same can’t be said for a mainstream gaming industry that at times, appears hell-bent on meeting seedy porn game content at that same line, rather than stopping short of it. In other words, are we headed for a great merge where porn seamlessly infiltrates the gaming industry in a way that we barely notice it?

So what is the future of porn games?

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Summertime Saga Review: Does It Live Up To All The Hype?

Patreon is one of the largest crowdfuning sites online today. Its most notable reputation point, of course, is that it helps kickstart a load of porn games. Yeah, “loads,” that was intentional. One of it’s biggest, most impressive porn games is Summertime Saga. The wildly popular Summertime Saga is the only top five project that’s a porn game. That’s headspinning, yet incredible to consider.

While Patreon plays host to a lot of porn games, it also helps fund Podcasts and the likes. So Summertime Saga’s ascent is more impressive than most think.

But what’s the deal with Summertime Saga? Let’s review and see what we can learn.

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5 Free Porn Games Worth Playing Today

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We are overloaded with free porn games. I mean, that’s what our entire site’s premise is, so it only makes sense we hype of the freeloader porn stuff. With 1,000’s of free porn game titles available, its difficult to choose which are the absolute best.

That said, we like to occasionally select a few boner worthy sets for our fans. And that’s what we are doing right now.

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Porn Game Subverse Catapults To Steam’s Best Seller List

subverse porn game steam top list feature

In 2019, sci-fi porn game Subverse raised over $2 million on Kickstarter. And apparently, that was an indicator of good times to come as Steam’s porn game section became more defined over the year.

Last week, Steam released Subverse in it’s “early access” mode last Friday. It quickly jumped into the best seller list. For porn games, users must have “adult only” preferences checked to ON in order to see Subverse occupying this top space. So if you’re trying to confirm my report, you’ll need to do the same.

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Free VR Porn Games: A Sexy List Of The Top Free Plays

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While the virtual reality gaming industry tends to be pretty expensive. free VR porn games do, in fact, exist. We know, because we house a number of the coolest, highest-quality, sexiest virtual reality porn game adventures.

Below I’ve laid out a few must-play free virtual reality porn games. There’s some pretty solid variety down there, so you probably won’t like all of them. Just find what you like and enjoy.

Of course, you can can visit our VR porn game library for a number of high-quality free experiences.

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