The Best Adult VR Games: A Complete Erotic Virtual Reality Guide

Virtual Reality is taking over the gaming industry. Or at least, it’s trying. And for good reason. Consumers love the VR experience.  The VR industry is exploding. According to Fortune, VR is forecast to generate $150 billion by 2020. It only makes sense that adult virtual reality games would make a run at the prize. This is why I created a best adult VR games page.

Adult VR games are an obvious next step. Let’s face it, the adult industry typically wastes no time in developing solutions for emerging tech. The case of adult VR games is no different.

So what makes a porn game one of the best adult VR games?

  • Stunning graphics
  • Versatility of environment
  • Platform versatility
  • Storyline

At least, those are a few of the key factors I look for in an adult VR game.

So what’s what?

The Best Adult VR Games


grace porn game

Grace is your typical, uninspired and bored secretary. Her life is filled with mundane, meaningless tasks. She’s going nowhere fast. But her boredom has gotten the best of her. As a virtual reality porn game, Grace has all the toppings.

Grace is looking for a little excitement. And she’s very, very hot.

Because she’s so incredibly sexy in her business casual skirts and professional heels, it’s not difficult to come up with some pretty stimulating ideas for her entertainment.

Get Grace naked and you’ll see exactly what I mean. She has a body to die for and so much potential in using it for the greater good.

Both storyline and graphics work well. Grace, as a virtual reality porn game, delivers sex and fun through a typical sexual fantasy that all men working corporate America have had.

Play Grace


3d tammy porn game

Tammy is a virtual reality porn game that features a stunning redhead sex pot. While Tammy’s intro-graphics leave some to be desired, the sexual experience with Tammy is a brilliant, dark VR porn experience as good as any. And playing Tammy is free.

In order to get to sexy time, you’ll need to find your way through a galaxy maze full of hidden click points. Some of the click points are obvious, such as doors, but not all are. Overall, you’ll get to the virtual reality sexy time without much of a problem.

Play Tammy

Fallen Doll

fallen doll review screencap

Fallen Doll is where hentai meets sexy porcelain doll. While there isn’t much in the way of storylines, you can create nearly any exotic/erotic fantasy you so enjoy. The insane graphics fuel a virtual sexual experience like no other.

Yes, the VR doll is damn hot and sexy.

fallen doll screengrab

This is one of our top 3D porn games as well, even though it is classified mainly as an adult VR game. Check out the stunning graphics that fuel the experience.

FYI, Fallen Doll can be played in both VR and non-VR modes. You can download demos of the game as well. For VR, you’d need Oculus Touch, Windows MR, HTC Vivie, or something similar.

fallen doll

Fallen Doll is definitely worth the price of admission.


ComeCloser review feature

ComeCloser is a cutting edge virtual reality porn game that’s brand new. Its soft, particularly inviting graphics lure you into a wild, flirtatious, and eventually sex-filled world. The girls are all customizeable, but the experience is built on the feeling that you’re being pulled in, or drawn, to a beautiful, somewhat flirtatiously shy, girl.

ComeCloser Review

Dominatrix Simulator

dominatrix simulator

BDSM porn games aren’t the norm, but the ones that do exist are pretty compelling. Dominatrix Simulator is a top VR BDSM experience.

In Dominatrix Simulator, you are the slave of a femdom master who demands your undivided attention and compliance. Your profile is a dearth, gender-fluid, and lacking in detail. However, your femdom is sexy and eye-popping by design.

Dominatrix Simulator is a fantastic, dark BDSM VR porn game.

Check out some graphics.

dominatrix simulator character dominatrix simulator sex scenes

Read my Dominatrix Simulator review.

Happy Manager PS VR

happy manager screen

I wouldn’t normally go here. Yes, Happy Manager is a soft porn adult VR game. It’s made by Sony. It checks all the BS boxes. But for some reason, I just can’t help myself to these enticing, realistic graphics.

happy manager

The game comes with full PlayStation VR support.  This game is filled with sexy romance, although it’s a bit tamer than a lot of the porn games we post.

But there is yet another downside with this fantastic, erotic VR game.

Sony likely censors Happy Manager, which is a total bummer to fans of the game.

Like I said, it’s made for a big box gaming company. You almost have to expect some shennanigans along the way. Still, Happy Manager is pretty hot.

Sin VR

sin vr screengrab

If you’re into S&M, dungeons, and seedy sexual situations, Sin VR has you covered. You’ll be immersed in a tightly wrapped, strict role-playing erotic world that will leave you begging for more pain and abuse. All the girls are built with diverse personalities, mostly dominant in nature. And they are all based on real superhero characters making them even more enticing. If you like, check out my full Sin VR review for more in-depth breakdowns.

I mean, if these girls don’t mean business, who the hell does?

lillith meridiana Wonder Woman Sin VR Dragon Queen Sin VR Alana Quinn Sin VR

Play with their tits, move their hips, spank them, go any sexual position you like, it’s all on the table when you play Sin VR.

Happy Biting

happy biting vr

Happy Biting is one of the most thrilling, unique adult VR storylines you’ll find. In fact, it’s almost nuts.

The game focuses on a pandemic narrative that has humans experiencing illnesses due to mosquito bites. Your job is to go back in time and get DNA samples from hot girls to bring back and save the world from devastation.

You’ll hook up with some pretty intensely hot girls as part of your mission.

It’s super weird, but I applaud it’s creativity.

Custom Maid 3D

custom maid

In Custom Maid, your the manager of a nightclub. The great thing about nightclubs is that they are plentiful with hot girls. And you’ll take full advantage of this sexy Japanese adult VR game thriller.

You can play Custom Maid on Oculus Touch, among a few others.

custom maid screengrab

Overall, Custom Maid is a super fun experience that has a sexy storyline that draws you in.

I’d definitely recommend giving it a try. Also, check out our list of the best Oculus Quest Porn Games.


The best adult VR games is a list that continues to evolve. This is due to the infancy of the genre. It’s evolving at lightning speed, however, so expect even bigger games from it in the future.

The downside is that you need some rather pricey equipment to partake in the fun. But if you have the extra coins, it’s probably worth it.