Amazon Prime Gaming’s Free Games Released

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There’s nothing better than free gaming, even when it is not free porn gaming. Anything that doesn’t cost is more awesome (sort of). If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you have access to Prime Gaming. And Prime Gaming releases free PC games every month.

Free Prime games are a can’t miss monthly experience, but remember, they only work on PCs.

Here’s the latest:

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Yes, Steam Has a Lot of Porn Games on it Now. Here’s Why.

If you’re a Steam fan, you probably understand that there’s more porn game content on the platform that years past. But maybe you feel that’s merely a mirage, or a feeling, that’s not connected to reality. Kind of like when you buy a bag of chips, open it, and realize there really aren’t that many chips to gorge on (that’s always a bummer).

With Steam, there’s not much in the way of bummers. At least not when it comes to porn game content.

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Should You Play MILFS of Sunville? That’s Complicated.

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Steam is now home to a lot of adult games. In fact, we’ve created a compilation of the best adult games on Steam. One popular Steam adult game, or NSFW game, is called MILFS of Sunville. MILFS of Sunville is found on Steam and you must be 18+ to play it. Because, that’s how adult sections work, folks.

Before we get going, no, MILFS of Sunville isn’t on our top Steam adult games list. That doesn’t mean it’s awful, it only means there are better options to choose from.

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Nintendo’s Sakura Succubus is an Obsessive, Odd Game

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Nintendo isn’t the first console to come to mind for adult, or NSFW gaming. That’d be Steam, of course. Steam’s adult gaming category continues to grow. But Nintendo? Nah, never. They’re a family centered gaming experience. Right?

Welcome to our Nintendo Sakura Succubus review. Beware, it may change your perception of Nintendo.

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