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Black Jerk V2


Black Jerk V2 is a erotic variation of the classic casino game black jack. Rules are the same as in a casino, but if you're not familiar here's how it is (don't worry, it's a pretty easy card game to learn). Click on cards to get 21 points (also known as black jack). When you have 21 points, you recieve the pot. Standard bet is $20, and the initial bank value is also $20. If you end up with more than 21 points you'll bust - you lose your bank and you go down a level. When you reach $100 in your bank, you reach the next level. Each level is hotter and more erotic than the one preceeding it! Card values: numbered cards are their number, jack + queen + king are each worth 10, and aces are worth either 1 or 11.


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