Crimsom Yuna

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Thanks to Yuna, Tidus, Rikku, and the rest of their crew, the world has once again been saved from what seemed like almost certain destruction at the hands of the the monster Sin. Yuna is happy the world is safe, but she's still feeling sad - seeing as how the defeat of Sin made her love Tidus vanish into thin air. Without Tidus, she's got herself no man - and she's a woman at her sexual peak with some strong desires. Not wanting a man, since to her, Tidus is the only man for her, she settles on having some tentacles satisfy her urges. They'll keep her all wrapped up tight in bondage, unable to move, as the long and slimy appendages come out towards her and fuck her pussy, mouth, and asshole. This game has all of it's text in Japanese, but thankfully with a few clicks at the start you'll have it all figured out, since there's only about 3-4 buttons to be mindful of that will do different scenes and poses. A highly recommended title for any fan of the Final Fantasy games!

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