Dirty Dinner Table

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Feeling hungry? Are you ready for dinner? It's such an incredibly nice day out, and there's just oh so much on the menu - it's time to have a feast! In Dirty Dinner Table, you'll be taking the role of director during a porn shoot. Quite literally - this game is made up of live action video, so it's almost as if you're right there on set. And as is the usual when being director, it's up to you what happens in the scenes. The scene features an outdoor scene with three girls and three guys - and instead of eating a meal, they're going to feast on each other! Periodically the girls will prompt you with questions you'll need to answer. There's only one right answer, and it's pretty obvious which is the correct one. However, should you choose one of the wrong answers, it will be game over for you and you'll have to restart from the beginning if you want to see how the scene finishes.

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