Eylinee's Captivity

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A top notch XXX title to say the least, Eyline's Captivity stars the boner inducing and big breasted brunette babe in geeky glasses named Eyline. Her crew is out on an intergalactic mission, and she's the admiral, leading her team as they scout a distant solar system trying to discover new and potentially habitable planets. It's right around then when they spot what seems to be a good candidate to potentially inhabit, so they descend to the surface, landing their craft and stepping out of the capsule to have a look around. The thing that they don't quite yet realize though, is that this is not an uninhabited planet, waiting to be settled.... no, this land has already been claimed, and by a ruthless warlord, at tthat. The tough as nails General Drakos had sprung a trap on her, leading his army straight to her and her crew's location where they take her captive. Eyline is terrified by the appearance of the creatures of this planet: tall and slender, with tails and a mildly reptilian yet also quite other worldly in looks. She's nearly frozen stiff where she stands with fear, assuming that this is going to be the end, and that she will be executed... but what she doesn't realize is Drakos and his army aren't going to kill her... they have other, even worse plans for her, that would make death seem like a better alternative. They're going to let her live, and live a long life, at that - in captivity, as their sexual slave for the rest of her days, bound and shackled up to the wall for her to be used and abused at any time the reptiles feel the urge.

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