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Fuck Aisha

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Aisha is a gorgeous young redhead babe with big tits and shapely hips, and she's aching to have your hard cock deep inside of her tight cunt. This game wastes no time with foreplay or a story to build up - it's just straight to hot and nasty sex! Along the top left corner of the screen you have your choices of actions - rub, prod, slow sex, sex, grind, fast sex, and even faster sex. Click one to make and it happens automatically, no other input required. Next to the choice of options is a number represented as a percentage which is your current pleasure level. Reach 100%, and you'll cum. Take your pick how you want to give her your load - pull out and shoot your load in her mouth with a few ropes on her face for good measure, or leave your dick inside of her pussy and give her a massive creampie that oozes out of her freshly fucked cunt.



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