Good Cum

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There's truly nothing else out there in the world so guaranteed to make you feel great, moreso than having a nice, Good Cum! And when you play the game Good Cum, you can defninitely expect to have an oh so good one! In the game, you'll be playing the role of a mildly overweight, older guy. This dude must be charming as can be, because he's found himself a drop dead gorgeous, barely legal brunette Asian schoolgirl babe and brought her back to his house, eager to have her help him out by giving him a nice good cum. Clearly this girl has had some experience in handling a cock, or has watched shit tons of porno in her life, because she works it like a total fucking pro. She'll start out teasing, giving little delicate licks to the tip of your cock with her soft and wet tongue before finally opening up her mouth to wrap those soft and skilled lips tight as can be around your shaft. Her sucking will start out gentle and shallow, but as she goes on she'll go deeper and more rough with it, working your prick until you're ready to burst and you pull out to finish off by hosing her sexy face down with a nice big load of your hot and sticky jizz.

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