Greener Pastures

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In Greener Pastures, the world you live in is full of cute monster girls. A tragic event takes place on the main character's farm, and he has a lot of bills to pay. A sinister organization begins to quarantine the monster girls because of what they call lewd behavior. Your farm is the perfect place for these girls to hang out. You're in for all kinds of wacky hijinks when these girls show up at your farm. You already know these girls are well known for being sexually advantageous. Will you be able to control yourself, or will some of the girls end up getting pregnant?


PGP | 19 May 2023 12:06:58 PM

good game

eeeeeeeeeeeee | 17 Jan 2022 09:31:56 PM

this is a great game with an interesting story, however when it comes to ariana coming up to john, it crashes and showing up with some code stuff, maybe it only happens for me or idk to the others, pls fix it, i wanna see how it goes

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