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Harly Quinn Batman

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That psychopathic nympho Harley Quinn has been terrorizing the city of Gotham, undeterred by not having her partner in crime, The Joker, around to help her with her schemes. Batman knew that locking away The Joker wouldn't stop things, and has been on the ready the whole time. Harley Quinn has enacted one of her schemes, and the Bat Signal summons the caped crusader. Harely just isn't as cunning as The Joker, and in no time at all Batman has caught her. She pleads with him to let her go, but he's not having it. He's horny, and figuring he's got a great shot with her, takes out his cock. Harley enthusiastically sucks him off, and lets him fuck her pussy and asshole before swallowing a thick load of his hot cum. Batman still plans on locking the crazy bitch up, though!

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07/26/2020 02:01PM

Dream game for you --***Enjoy ;)

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