Jessie's Redemption

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Jessie's Redemption puts you in the role of a lawyer, running into Gary, the prosecutor in the court room. Jessica, a popular rock star is on trial for some of the typical out of contorl rock star antics. You can't keep your eyes off of her - she's even more stunning in person than she is in magazines and on screens. She's perfection. You can't go for it though, after all, that'd represent a clear conflict of interest in a court of law. She makes it even harder for you to say no when she comes to you for legal advice. She knows how sexy she is - that her charms will overpower you, and you'll give her what she wants. But hey - if she's getting something from you that she wants, why not get something from her that you want, in the form of some hot sex with a crazy rock star babe?

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