Moniker Smith’s Bloodlines – New Version 0.012


Platforms: Windows     Languages: English

Follow branching plot lines as an ancient power awakens and vampires begin their takeover of a small town. Every time a new victim becomes a vampire, it unlocks a new branch of the story. Replay each scene to access art and story exclusive to the perspective of either victim or vampire. This visual novel focuses heavily on art assets, delivering 200-300 unique screens per hardcore scene. Play from both perspectives to see them all!v0.012 719 new images Yolanda’s second and third vampire transformations Three new transformations for Ben Over 30 new transformation “shifts” over 8 minutes of new soundtrack music new scenes at Lind Academy Square, Lind Academy, Standing Stone, The Serpent’s Temple, The Sacrificial Altar, and Yolanda’s Bedroom 2 new Bloodlines: Yolanda and “False Endings”

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