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Pandora has you playing a guy named Kean Jeong who works as a marine engineer. You had been hard at work on a rechargable underwater battery system at the UCL in London when the Lindgredn Foundations hires you for an expedition in the Atlantic Ocean. You'll be supporting the dive team as well as doing maintenance on the subs, and if you can get it working, you'll operate the ROV. You're not sure what their end goal is, but the money was too good to say no. Your limited social skills are put to the test interacting with the crew, including a mouth watering brunette babe named Rita. Naturally, being this type of game, if you play your cards right through the game, you'll be able to bend this beautiful brunette babe over the railing and pound her pussy deep and hard from behind as she looks out over the open seas.



07/26/2020 02:04PM

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