Pimp Quest

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Like the old motto goes - pimpin' ain't easy! In Pimp's Quest, you'll be playing the role of a pimp. And as we all know, the life of a pimp isn't easy, despite what some people out there might think. Though, for this particular pimp, things are even more hectic and chaotic than a typical pimp. Either someone really, really fucking hates this guy (maybe a previous client that feels he got ripped off?) or he just has the world's worst luck, because misfortune follows him pretty much everywhere that he ends up going. Even just a simple walk down a city street is pure chaos, as things sure to kill him like safes falling out of windows come, forcing him to need to act quick to get out the of the way of danger, lest he end up becoming a bloody mess on the sidewalk! To do this, you'll need to use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the pimp out of the way of danger - but, you'll need to react quickly, since there is only a short window of opportunity you will have to do it. And since these are tough streets that he hails from, he'll need to stay strapped to be safe. You will need to fight off all sorts of violent gang members, shoot them before they shoot you! Use your mouse to aim the cursor, and then click the left mouse button to fire off your gun - but again, reflexes here will be key!

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