Teaser Date Kanon! – Version 1.0


Platforms: Windows     Languages: English

“My name is Hiro, and since there’s nothing really interesting to say about me, I’ll just say: I’m your average university student. My only quality would be maybe that I’m a hard worker…but that’s probably just because I always have to work hard for the things I want. If there’s something not average about me, that would be my girlfriend Kanon: She’s rich, smart, good at anything she does, and beautiful. She’s anything I’m not, but she’s not perfect either. She’s whimsical, impulsive, a little bit selfish, and… she’s late! Right now I’m waiting for her since we have a date today. If I have to describe our relationship I would say that: if she’s the throttle, then I’m the brakes…(Okay bad analogy, but still I think that’d describe our relationship pretty well)."

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