Teens in Trouble

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Teens in Trouble! Episode 1: Daring Girl, Rude Lunch! has you playing as a massive muscular porn star and producer who has just met up with a jaw dropping busty and wide hipped barely legal blonde at her place. She's still living at home with her parents in her childhood room, and it clearly looks like one. Her friends dared her to give you a call and shoot a video, and now that you're there, she's having cold feet about it. You're determined to get your video though, and you go for it anyways, pounding her out and stretching out her tight barely legal cunt with your enormous cock. To advance through various sequences, you'll have to play a mini game in which you bounce a ball around against colored bricks to reveal an image. A nice little touch this game offers is a large amount of customization options for the girl and guy, adjusting things like hair color and style, makeup, clothes, eyes, and so on.



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