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Once again, Porn Bastards are back with another top notch XXX title, this time in the form of a game called Tracer. You'll most likely recognize the star, after who the game is named - the jaw droppingly beautiful Tracer from the popular online shooter Overwatch! You've probably played your share of that game by now, and likely have on more than one occasion found yourself feeling all sorts of turned on by that incredible body of hers, clad in that skin tight body suit of hers. Sadly, Blizzard is a bunch of uptight prudes and didn't include her getting fucked, or even stripping down naked in the game... but thankfully, where they fucked up, Porn Bastards has picked up the slack and created something truly great. In the game, Tracer has found herself a horny well hunk dark skinned stud, since she'd been finding herself having a serious craving for big black cock. She then climbs on top of him and lets his strong hands grab a nice and firm hold of that big round booty of hers as she eagerly bounces up and down along every single inch of his thick prick. Fill up the cum meter on the screen, and once the meter ends up reaching 100%, choose if you want to pull out and hose down that sexy body of hers with a nice thick load, or leave your cock deep inside of her soaking wet hole as you empty your balls inside of her and give her a massive creampie. Either way you choose to do things, after you cum, feel free to keep fucking her - she's always more than happy to continue to get fucked!

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