Vagina in the Steam

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This game will have you playing the role of a young and fairly clumsy ninja, working as part of a larger team of (arguably more skilled) ninjas, tasked with traveling to the hard to find Village of Mist to steal the Kama Sutra scroll out from the home of Mizukage. Your fellow ninjas end up coming to a decision that your skill set would be best used by keeping Mizukage distracted while she's outside of the village, which will give them a little ibt of time to sneak in and search for the scroll before she's back home. It doesn't take too long looking around before you find a hot spring just outside of the village, and Mizukage is in there bathing, butt naked. You're blown away with how good that incredbily hot and curvy in all of the right places body of hers looks, feeling yourself getting hard as a rock as you watch her relax in the spring. Deciding that you need to get a closer look at her, you lean over the fence to take a peek - but that clumsy nature of yours then takes over and sends you tumbling down over the fence, making quite a clatter in the process. The commotion catches her attention, and immediately as your eyes come back into focus she's right in your face confronting you. Seething with anger for your being a total creep and violating her privacy, she's initially thinking that she'll simply just take your life away from you - but if you're good at one thing, it's with words - and you manage to talk you way out of it, and somehow that silver tongue you were blessed with, even manage to convince her that she'd be much much better off by putting your big hard cock to use for her instead of punshing you. At this point, the naughtiest little smile spreads across Mizukage's face as she promptly drops down onto her knees and wraps her soft and skilled lips tightly around your stiff prick, working her lips, tongue, mouth, and hand together in perfect harmony on your prick. After having you get hard as a fucking rock, she bends over and lets you pound out that soaking wet and oh so tight pussy of hers deep and hard in multiple positions before smiling and moaning with delight as you hose her hot body down in a nice and thick load of cum.

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