Velma on Top

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Velma always looked so innocent, with that dorky appearance accentuated by her thick rimmed glasses. The thing is though, most people don't realize it's the innocent looking geeky girl who more often that not is the most insatiable slut of them all. She's wearing nothing but her glasses, a mini skirt, and heels as she climbs on top of your pole, ready to let you have her way with her. Choose how you want to do things - along the top left corner there's a list of options - stop (which stops everything), fuck slowly, fuck harder, fuck fast, spin, spin faster, and hardest fuck. In the cetner along the top there's a pleasure level indicated as a percentage - once that hits 100% you'll cum. Twice actually, you'll first and foremost give her a messy creampie that pours out of her cunt and down your shaft, and then for good measure, to finish things off you quickly shoot another thick load of hot cum all over her face. Good thing she's got those thick glsaes on - otherwise that thick load would have gotten right in her eyes!

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