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Cannibal Roulette

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Ever hear of the game of Russian Roulette? The idea behind it, is you'll have a six shooter revolver - and there will be one bullet loaded into the cylinder. A lethal game of chance, you pass the gun around, give the cylinder a spin, and hold the gun against your head, pulling the trigger. This is a game that takes that idea, and tweaks it around a little bit. You'll be down deep in the jungle, having met up with a local tribe. They offer up a group of girls to you - you're free to pick one of them, and then to do with them what you want. Though, you'll have to be careful about your choice... you see, one of these gorgeous babes is a cannibal - instead of letting you enjoy the pleasures of her flesh, she'll derive deep pleasure from devour your flesh! The girls will be all lined up in a row, looking all totally identical - there's no marks identifying any one of them as the cannibal, so it's purely a game of chance. Use your mouse cursor to hover over one of the sexy ladies, and then click on them. If they're not a cannibal, you're in luck - they'll happily open their eager mouths wide open and wrap those oh so soft and skilled lips of their tight around your prick. After they blow you, they're taken out of the running - keep picking girls, and hopefully you'll keep getting your dick sucked! Eventually though, you're bound to come across the cannibal - things will seemingly start out just as normal... but instead of sucking on your cock, they'll promptly chomp down on it and bite it off, leaving you to bleed out from your cock! Choose carefully!



07/26/2020 01:57PM

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