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Slave Lord

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Don't lie - you've dreamed of having your own sex slave before. And frankly, who can blame you? Who of us out there, wouldn't love to have someone always around the house, always willing and ready to take your cock at any and all hours of the day? In real life, this is not at all an easy situation to achieve. But, thanks to Slave Lord, you can enjoy that same type of arragnement in digital form! Slave Lord is a BDSM themed game, where you play as an orc who has taken a sexy slut captive. Your goal? Convert her into your personal fuck toy! To do this, you'll have to do various things - give her gifts, apply mind control, do various forms of manipulation. Take the correct approach, and your little fuck toy will be your dedicated slave. This is a game that will take you a bit of time to get to your goal - but thankfully, the developers of it included a save and load feature to allow you to save your progress and resume playing at a later time.



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