Crisis Point: Extinction Review: The Alien Sex Game You Need Now

If you were a kid in the 80s, you might remember the Nintendo game, Metroid. The game featured aliens negotiating blocks, pipes, and other obstacles alongside bleeping sounds. It was so 80s, is 80s, and always will be 80s. But now, it may be a bit porn game. That is, if you play Crisis Point: Extinction, which is eerily similar in build to the old Nintendo game. Crisis Point: Extinction is a new porn game that’s grown in popularity.

In our Crisis Point: Extinction review, we go over the plot, the porn hentai feels, and everything else we can break down.

Crisis Point: Extinction Review: The Run Down

These Crisis Point: Extinction and Metroid comparisons derive from a couple of factors:

  1. Both are side-scrolling games
  2. Both deploy aliens


crisis point extinction review

But only one leverages sultry, provocative alien porn. Yes, that’s Crisis Point: Extinction. It’s the alien sex porno fun you’ve long needed in your humble life’s ongoing. Crisis Point: Extinctions quickly shatters your typical porn fantasies and rebuilds them back up block after block.

In Crisis Point: Extinction, you take on the roll of an earthling soldier named Alicia. You travel to a foreign planet. You’re job is to battle a pandemic that’s resulting in all offspring becoming girls.

When you arrive, you discover that aliens utilize a chemical that makes all humans sex feens.

As Alicia, you constantly interact with horny girls as part of your mission. I’m assuming you get this. And you want this. Because, it’s hot and beautiful and exciting and naughty.

There’s a super, healthy feminist feel to Crisis Point: Extinction. As Hentai Metroidvania, or “Hentroidvania,” a sexy appeal is not underscored by the powerful woman at its helm.

crisis point extinction alicia

The vibrant, sexified hentai porn art hand is strong in Crisis Point: Extinction.

crisis point extinction graphics

It’s hot.

In terms of game play, you don’t wait around bored in this one. You can immediately get your masturbation animation rolling right from the outset and sex scenes dominate the landscape throughout.

Crisis Point: Extinction is a super sexy and fun porn game. There’s a hot blend of porn and combat and jerk time. As for now, it’s available on Windows, but many believe that the world’s larges gaming platform, Steam, will eventually list it. Who knows?