Kotaku Posts Porn Game Screencaps, Immediately Cries, Apologizes

kotaku apology feature

They told readers that the article, Animated Video Game Porn Could Be A Lot Sexier And Less Gross, was not safe for work. The piece was supposed to be an essay-style deep dive into what they call a new intersection of sex and games.

But it turned out to be more a crossroads of anger and revolt.

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3DX Chat Review: What You Need To Know Before You Buy

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One of the most well-known porn games online today is 3DX Chat. A fan favorite for those who enjoy erotic messaging and chat, 3DX Chat allows users to experience modern sexual encounters alongside popular sex toys.

Today’s 3DX Chat review takes a deeper dive into the game. Is it worth the money? Should we buy into all the hype?

Let’s explore.

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The Best Nutaku Porn Games

best nutaku porn games

If you understand how impactful powerful graphics and erotic storylines drive porn games, then you know that Nutaku porn games are on the leading edge of the sector. Nutaku porn games, although derived from their Japanese home, are translated into English for all to enjoy.

When it comes to online porn games, it is difficult to beat Nutaku’s lineup. There are many great porn game listings, including porn games found on niche porn sites.  And of course, our own free porn games. But in the end, Nutaku porn games represent some of the highest quality the industry has ever seen.

Here are some of the best Nutaku porn games you’ll find online today.

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The Best Furry Porn Games You’ll Find Anywhere (Some are Free)

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The furry porn game market is emerging as one of the most popular. But here’s what’s funny, many people don’t even know what furry games are. Well, not to worry, I’m here to help. I will not only help you discover what the best furry porn games are, but I will also help you explore the niche and find some free options as well.

So which games are the best?

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