Coronavirus Delaying Nintendo Joysticks From China

If you don’t have coronavirus, which I assume you don’t given you’re reading Porn Game news this morning, then you should be thankful. It would be awfully self-serving for anyone to cry foul over slowed shipments of Nintendo joysticks.

But alas, it’s happening and some can’t help but feel a bit jaded.

The manufacturer of Nintendo Switch says that coronavirus is now delayed due to coronavirus. The company is calling the delays “unavoidable.” So far, such delays are limited to Japan, but U.S. delays could be on the horizon if the coronavirus outbreak isn’t stopped.

“China is important for manufacturing of some game hardware, phones, and other components, and we believe that the entire supply chain of manufactured goods will be impacted–much more than just games,” Daniel Ahmad, senior analyst at games market research firm Niko Partners, told CNBC.

“When looking at games consoles specifically, we note that 96% of video game consoles imported into the U.S. in 2018 were produced in China. Whilst companies such as Nintendo have moved some manufacturing abroad, China still accounts for the majority.”

When Ahmad says “majority,” he means it. Right at 96% of video game consoles imported into the United States in 2018 derived from China.

Let’s be honest, most of us play porn games via our online browsers. But we can’t ignore that gamers are gamers. When we aren’t fapping to porn games, we are immersed in mainstream games.

So far, the coronavirus death toll has breached 500 persons worldwide.

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