Nutaku Launches Ad Campaign Celebrating 60 Million Registrations

If you think porn games are just some dark seedy corner of the Internet, then wait until you hear this. Nutaku, the largest online porn game platform, has breached 60 million player registrations. And 15 million of those came since January – can anyone say, pandemic boredom?

Nutaku is hardly being humble over the achievement. They launched a “Now I Nutaku” campaign that blatantly brags about the milestone.  And hey, why shouldn’t they? It’s a big deal. The ad campaign also pushes the concept that porn games are, in fact, authentic games.

Jay Acevedo, Nutaku’s head of marketing and communications, in an interview with The Gamer, railed against perception that rejects porn games as “real games.”

“This industry exists. There are millions of us. I mean, what is a game? If you’re Candy Crush, you’re not a real game? It’s become an exclusive sort of word, over the years,” he said. “The adult gaming world has so many insights. [It’s about] having solid conversations about sex and having as many convos as possible while having fun.”

It’s as if he’s speaking our language around these parts. Our free porn game traffic continues to rise and continues to show no signs of slowing down. People want porn games. And moreover, “mainstream games” teeter on the adult content line in the sand more often than not.

The Nutaku porn game library is rather vast in size, as is ours here at Porn Games.

Nutaku was launched back in 2015. Soon after in 2018, the company organized a Hentai is Art art exhibit in SoHo. Today, hentai porn is one of the most popular porn game verticals.