Porn Game SMS Ransomware Continues To Infect Android Users

android porn game malware

There’s a new threat to those who play porn games on their Android devices (and those who don’t). Ransomware using SMS and the device owner’s personal photos is wreaking havoc on gamers all over the globe.

The ransomware sends the device owner a text claiming that their image is being used on a sex simulator game. The text messages derive from both friends and family. Yep, that awkward moment when grandma appears to have found your mug on a sex simulator game. That would compel just about anyone to take action, right?

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Koikatsu Party Porn Game Is New Mainstream Top Seller

valve porn game

The porn game industry is growing at a rapid pace. But what direction is the growth happening? Steam Powered, a game digital distribution platform owned by game producer Valve inc, released a monthly game sales report this week. While many of the games listed are expected to grace such a list, one porn game has a number of heads turning.

Koikatsu Party, an adult game that allows players to build customizable sex partners, came in at 6th on the list. Koikatsu was released on June 10th and clearly, the porn game concept is winning in revenue and sales. Valve corp, the creators of popular games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Team Fortress, are the creators of the controversial game.

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Grand Fuck Auto Review: Stunning Graphics Fuel Sex, Adrenaline Rush

grand fuck auto review

Parody porn games are as popular as ever. And there are none more popular than Grand Fuck Auto, The Parody. Grand Fuck Auto is a play on the famous “mainstream” game, Grand Theft Auto. Of course, Grand Theft Auto is itself, a brash and aggressive, hypersexual and violent game. Today’s Grand Fuck Auto review should serve to break down if this game is worth spending any cash on.

Clearly, porn game parodies are porn du jour. With so many, the quality of the games get deluded. But fear not, with Grand Fuck Auto, you get a full-throttle porn game experience like no other.

So, is Grand Fuck Auto worth it? Of course, but hey, I still have to review it. And the review might be just as hot as the game!

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Best Mobile Porn Games: Everything You Should Know

best mobile porn games guide feature image

I know the mobile Internet has somewhat taken over our lives. But that doesn’t mean that desktop naysayers are wrong. Desktop Internet is certainly “not dead.” Desktops remain the best porn game experience one can have. But mobile porn games are starting to ramp up. More sex game apps are moving in that direction. I’ve compiled a full list of the best mobile porn games you can play, most of them are free. If you are new to mobile porn games, you can scroll down and find info on how to use them and which devices are best. If you just want a list of mobile porn games, that’s in the very next section.

Let’s face it, sometimes we’re on the go. We are lonely in a hotel room while on a business trip. Other times we might be secretly perving in a “private” airport corner. Sometimes, to get our porn game fill, we gotta roll with mobile porn games.

The good news is, Android mobile porn games are optimized to give players the best experiences. In the end, playing Android mobile porn games on the go is as popular as ever. So porn game app developers understand the need for a rousing, high-quality experience.

But if you are new to mobile porn games in general, you might not know where to go and what to do to “get your fill” for sex game apps.  And you are probably asking, what about my iPhone? Check our mobile porn game information sections below the free mobile porn games list. Otherwise, click on a game and start playing.

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Porn Game Fetches Impressive $2 Million on Kickstarter

porn game subverse funded
  • Kickstarter ‘porn’ game raises $2 million.
  • Mass donations prove that the line between adult games and mainstream games is blurring more and more.
  • Subverse is one of Kickstarters biggest donor events ever.

Most online gamers realize that porn games isn’t exactly a dark web experience. What I mean is, most “mainstream” games play host to a scantily dressed women and sexual narratives. Here at Porn Games, we just choose to be upfront with the xxx games we serve you up.

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