What Will Metaverse Sex Be Like? Here’s Some Thoughts…

The metaverse is barely here and already, some metaverses don’t want sex to happen. But it is unlikely that any metaverse gatekeepers will find ways to stop metaverse sex. That’s because, although Mark Zuckerberg makes it seem as though he’s the only option to a metaverse, he’s not. His vanilla metaverse ambitions probably do OK, but in the end, competition will push the cream to the top (yeah, pun intended).

So what should we know about metaverse sex? How will it change our world? Or will it?

So many questions. Let’s get to it.

Facebook isn’t down with virtual sex happening in the metaverse. And maybe, that’s for good reason. A recent new story featuring a woman alleging metaverse sexual harassment certainly stokes the raising of red flags. The mom claims she entered the metaverse and immediately experienced a group of men groping her VR avatar. The stunning development has drawn both criticism and levity alike, but it remains a deep concern. In fact, on the heels of the harassment allegations, Facebook announced the addition of a harassment tool.

And moreover, the sexual harrasment case does highlight more than a concern for metaverse safety. It provides a sort of proof of concept that people will be interested in metaverse sex. Albeit, we hope in consensual ways.

Metaverse sex likely features a whole slew of familiar sectors, including metaverse porn and metaverse escorts. While Zuckerberg intends to corner the market on a safe, vanilla space, other metaverses won’t care. And being honest, it isn’t likely that Zuck’s controls will catch all instances of sultry deviance.

People want sex in real life. People will want sex in the metaverse. And maybe even moreso given that metaverse sex will inherintly be “safer.”

Some of this is already happening. Virtual Reality porn is hotter than ever. And it isn’t just men getting their feet wet in VR. Women’s virtual reality sex numbers are skyrocketing. And there aren’t any indications that such activity will slow down. Moreover, if more women feel free to experience virtual reality sex, so will more men.

For the metaverse, virtual reality sex is a blueprint to the immersive sexual experiences incoming to metaverse. The metaverse, at its core, is virtual reality at a much more technologically robust and exponential scale.

Those experienced in virtual reality sex, whether you are talking about porn stars or fans who use it, are always looking for ways to leverage new technology for increased sexual immersion.

Because metaverse sex may offer a safer space in terms of diseases and privacy, we might expect such activity to grow furiously. Of course, that’s not to gloss over the previously mentioned story of a mom’s sexual harrasment. There are no doubt hurdles ahead. But hurdles aside, the metaverse could initialize a sort of freedom and equality in sexual fun. Because more people may feel freer to experience sex in a more random, hookup way, you’ll get more people overall.

Facebook’s assertion that their metaverse will offer vanilla experiences was provocative in its own way. Those who weren’t considering metaverse sex before are now following the announcement.

The popurity of porn games serves as more fuel to the idea that metaverse sex will be massive. Porn games, which often feature virtual reality and interactive sex content, are more popular than ever. People are quickly, and privately, becoming more adept at using adult gaming platforms. They are searching for Oculus porn options within moments of unboxing their new devices.

The metaverse will utilize all the same technology in a more evolved virtual reality. The sexual spectrum certainly broadens and expands.

The fact is, the metaverse won’t avoid the number one driver of content – money. If people want metaverse sex, they’ll pay for it and someone will be willing to take their cash.

Will Metaverse Sex Be All Bad?

metaverse sex model

Anything porn related is often touted as bad. There are some good reasons for that, and some unfair ones. All that aside, it could be possible that metaverse sex helps people in therapeutic ways. It might serve as a environment where couples experiment virtually, communicatively.

Most couples aren’t comfortable talking about sex, just look at the divorce rate. People are more comfortable talking to a stranger about their kinks and fetishes than they are their significant others. Maybe the metaverse cures what ails couples by offering a semblance, or layer, of anonymity. In other words, an avatar of your wife might offer enough removal from your authentic life to allow you to free your sexual communications.  We are all slaves to our comfort zones; until we aren’t.

The metaverse could offer more inclusive, equal sexual experiences. With more women opting for virtual sex than ever, we must assume they are expanding the horizons for a women’s sexual liberation movement.

And beyond that, there is potential for helping the trans and gay communities privately experience sex. For example, if someone lives in a community that shuns gay relationships, someone might consider branching out on the metaverse. This could lead to the development of real-life relations.

We are evolving.

The metaverse could help our sexual relations evolve in much needed ways.

But it is tough to deny the riskier, more sinister potential side effects of metaverse sex. The recent metaverse sexual harassment case is just the beginning of what could be a steady diet of disruptive, potentially dangerous metaverse behaviors.

But like all new frontiers, we seem to adjust. A metaverse with sexual content will certainly require an adjustment phase, no doubt. But we’ll figure this out. We always do.