She Will Punish Them – A Top Steam Adult Game Review

She Will Punish Them is one of the more popular Steam adult games out there. With high-powered graphics and a decent plot, the She Will Punish Them underbelly world attempts to shock and arouse you. The game has some notable downsides, but will explore all of that as we move on with this review.

What Is She Will Punish Them About?

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Are you into apocalyptic themes, unnessecary violence, and sexy women? She Will Punish Them encompasses all of that and so much more. However, we aren’t sure you’ll love the “more” part of all this, which is why we put together this She Will Punish Them review.

She Will Punish Them is a typical dark fantasy game that places you in a demon world. But you’re also touring the world as a Succubus, because of course you are. Launched in 2020, She Will Punish Them has found clear success in Steam’s adult category.

This demon world is ripe with awful beings and events and you’ll need to traverse it all. As one of our top Steam adult games, the horror aspect works well to break up some of the typical monotony we see in adult games. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t an element of obvious cheese.

There’s a deep customization experience involving your Succubus.

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She Will Punish Them is a horror game by all counts. There’s a lot of violence and dark themes throughout gameplay. Its all insanely creepy.

That said, it comes up short on content. What’s there is good, but the developers need to prioritize adding more content to the game.


The aesthetics of this game are fire. Its on point. Very high resolution experience. Think the game Diablo for a reference to something comparable.

You’ll begin walking about a creepy castle alone.

The audio is pretty good. You’ll get feedback on each step you take, there’s some haunting music in the backdrop that doesn’t overwhelm, and there’s some swooshing feedback for other movements. Its pretty professionally accomplished.

You’ll come across other girls chilling in the castle. They’ll barely acknowledge you, but they add to the chilling ecosystem that is She Will Punish Them.

You have personal storage for gear. And you can add skills. Some characters use swords, crystals, etc. You can decide talents through customization processes.

Here’s an example:

she will punish them

As you can see, there’s a wealth of skills and talents to choose from during the customization process. Its pretty robust overall and certainly sets up your experiences nicely.


She Will Punish Them’s core competency is without question its immaculate graphics. This adult game runs on par with the many great mainstream games as it deploys incredibly high quality. The entire She Will Punish Them experience is a visual masterpiece that helps keep the player immersed and engaged.

Most scenes are dark and dreary, but the design elements often highlight the main character, or sexy female. Its all apocalyptic stuff that has you traversing an underbelly of a world gone mad.

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She Will Punish Them is a creepy first-person combat game with potent graphics and a decent storyline. It’s one of Steam’s top games. Its a comparable experience to the more mainstream Diablo series.

One great thing about She Will Punish Them is that developers constantly update the game and that’s typically driven by user-feedback. So its an evolving game experience that we expect gets better and better.