The Top NSWF Nude Mods From Popular Video Games

Are gamers creeps? Not all of them, but some of them. Maybe a lot of them. The gamer fascination with nude mods remains hot. If you aren’t down with gamer lingo, a mod is an addition, often unsanctioned, to a game’s scenery, story, etc.

Think of a game mod like you’d think of pimpy wheels on a car. The car you bought at the dealership probably didn’t have those wheels. You added them aftermarket. The wheels may or may not affect your insurance.

While some games offer nude or even porn game content, most don’t. Hence, gamers seek out nude mods to enhance their gaming experience. Some games have mods they support, other don’t. Most don’t when it comes to nude mods. No surprises there.

There are many nude mods out there, you just gotta know where to find them.

The Risk In Adding Nude Mods to Your Favorite Games

Consider this the warning preface or “the more you know” excerpt. There is risk in dabbling in nude mods. Namely, many nude mods aren’t supported by the game developers. This leaves you trekking about sketchy websites and downloading risky files.

Make darn sure you always understand your risks when venturing on a nude mod site.  Alway use caution when downloading content from an unknown site. Use common sense when you are online.

Why Are Video Game Nude Mods So Popular?

There’s just something so risque about having your favorite video game characters suddenly roaming about in the buff. For many gamers, nude mods are a new trend that doesn’t seem to be curtailing.

A lot of this has to do with the high-intensity graphics we find on today’s modern games. Its not like back in the day when video game characters hardly resembled anyone real. Now, video games feature characters that look human. But nude mods are also for the bizarre alien type creatures in games. But hey, even those creatures look real to us.

Just as many people love porn games, many others appreciate nude mods.

There’s just something compelling about a video game nude mod. For example, this Bethesda nude mod.

bethesda nude mod

Creepy. Odd. But compelling.

Gamers are continuing to seek out nude mods which is resulting in a lot more nude mod creations. And it doesn’t seem like a trend that stopping anytime soon.

Nexus-Mods are the staple of the industry. In Nexus-Mods, we find the epicenter for most video game nude mods. Even games like Star Wars and Horizon Zero Dawn. They’ve got a lot of everything and a little more.

Like many mainstream things, they get porn’d over.

But video games are an odd corner. Because many mainstream games feature adult content, sometimes all out nudity and violence. So it isn’t a far stretch to think people seek out nude mods for the ones that don’t already offer it. The line between mainstream games and porn games is suddenly very blurry. It essentially depends on who released the game. Big gaming studios certainly push the boundaries unapologetically.

Hence, there are lots of nude mods coming out for many popular, mainstream video games.

Why Do Some Nude Mods Have The Nudity Blocked Out?

While browsing some nude mods, a gamer might feel perplexed that the nude mods are censored.

What’s the point?

This often happens on Nexus Mods. Nexus Mods automatically conceals nude content. So long as you have a Nexus Mods account, you can turn the censoring off.

The Best Popular Game Nude Mods

Here are the best nude mods we know about.

Resident Evil 2

resident evil 2 nude mod

Resident Evil 2 is a popular horror video game launched in 1998. It remains a popular video game today. Of course, people are always looking for an “upgraded” experience. And that means Resident Evil 2 nude mods.

Because, of course it does.


There are two nude mods for Resident Evil 2. One for Claire, one for Ada.


kenshi nude mods

Kenshi is a popular RPG video game that was released in 2013. In Kenshi, gamers design their own life, not adhering to any sticky storylines. Kenshi nude mods are super popular and feature both men and women.

There is a Kenshi male nude mod and a Kenshi female nude mod. You can pick one, or pick both, whatever floats your mod boat. These mods are sure to make your apocalyptic environment a bit more lively and friendly.

Mortal Online

mortal online nude mod

Mortal Online is one of Steam’s more popular MMO games. Here’s the fun part, you can enable the Mortal Online nude mod in the game’s settings. The bad news is, your character lacking armor in a war game is probably going to come back and bite you. Armor is a type of clothing so yeah, you’ll need to figure that out.


skyrim nude mod

Skyrim is another Steam game that has a number of popular nude mods. Most are pretty easy to set up. You can use the Nexus Mod system for installing a lot of these Skyrim nude mods.

Yeah, this is bordering on (or really is) creepy stuff. Not my cup of nude mod tea by any stretch. But hey, you all are who you are.

Killing Floor 2

killing floor 2 nude mods

Killing Floor 2 is a first-person shooter game created by Tripwire Interactive. It was launched in 2016 as the sequel to the original game. It remains devently popular on Playstation and Xbox.

This is a decent mod for fans of Killing Floor 2. Not the best, but not bad, either.

Here’s one of Killing Floor 2’s latest nude mods.

World of Warcraft

world of warcraft nude mods

No doubt, World of Warcraft is one of the most popular games ever. Make no mistake about it, tons of people are searching for World of Warcraft nude mods hence lot of others are trying to make them. WoW is a pretty graphics intensive game making any mod a laborious endeavor.

But yeah, there are WoW nude mods. Because of course there are.

Here’s your World of Warcraft nude mod.


We will keep our nude mods list updated as we find more. Or let us know when you discover more mods.