The Undeniable, Surprising Benefits of Sex Games

The erotic industry is thriving, whether it’s virtual reality porn, or sex games, couples continue to push the envelope of sensual fun. A lot of the new push has to do more with couples looking to accelerate sexy communications than it does with perverseness. Sex games offer sustainable therapeutic value to couples who’ve seen their sex lives go stale.

Let’s face it, marriage and long-term relationships tend to burn out physical connection flames. This is a normal part of the relationship process. All couples eventually deal with it. And overcoming this sexual impasse is imperative to maintaining a fruitful connection. Divorce rates in the United States are over 50%. It is difficult to deny the role that stale sex lives play in this astounding, depressing stat.

The key to changing such staleness is finding new ways to connect.

Enter the benefits of sex games.

Sex Games Improve Libidos

One reason that sex lives go stale is because couples cease physical interactions. Translation: They stop trying.

And once the staleness sets in, neither partner wants to act as the flame starter. And the discomfort and space between the two grows.

Sometimes, all it takes is a little spark. A kiss. A touch. A visual. Couple need to look at one another once again as sexual objects.

Sex games offer these visuals and sensual connections by default. For example, if you play erotic Twister, you’ll touch your partner in the nude. This will prompt the loins to fire up. And it all goes from there.

Accelerate, Evolve Communications

One of the most helpful aspects of sex games is how they prompt sexy communications.

Sex lives rot away when couples stop talking about sex. When all you talk about is whether or not the dishes in the dishwasher are clean or who is picking the kids up from baseball practice, you can rest assured, your sex life is crumbling.

Sex games are ripe with erotic subject matters.

Sex games like “What’s Your Fantasy” offer each partner the open, safe space to talk about their wildest sex fantasies. Such sex games ramp up vital intimate communications.

A lack of communication is the centerpiece for failed sex lives and eventually, failed relationships. Any game that prompts any sort of healthy communication is going to help build a relationship.

Sex Games Restrain You (In a Good Way)

Some sex games, like the “Try Not To Have Sex Game,” uniquely and ironically put you in a position to NOT get physical. Don’t worry, you’ll end up jumping in the sack eventually. These type sex games force you and your partner to get as close as possible with the idea you can’t have sex. The goal is to see how long you last until you each want pleasure bad enough to lose the game. This is a sex game worth losing, which should be obvious.

You’ll Learn More About Your Partner

woman holds condomSex games almost always lead to increased discussions over sex. Maybe you knew your partner’s sexual fantasies in the early days of the relationship, but who is to say that he/she hasn’t changed?

Sex games bridge the gap between then and now. They help you advance your relationship into today.

What Are Some Good Sex Game Ideas?

There are a lot of awesome sex games you and your partner can try. Here’s a few.

erotic sex games

The Desert Game

You’ve seen the movies where someone is eating desert off of hot, sexy partner?

You can do this also.

Get a desert and place it on your partner’s body and go to down. He or she will love feeling your mouth and tongue going to work on their naked body.

Strip Twister

Probably the most famous of all sex games, sex Twister takes a family game and infuses it with eroticism.

You both get naked. And you play Twister. The more you contort, the more you’ll laugh, and the hotter the sex game will get. Your bodies will twist and tie together like hot pretzels. Eventually, you’ll get too horny to keep playing and the game moves to the bedroom. And that’s the point.

Lubed Bodies

Who doesn’t enjoy the way a good lotion feels on the body?

Get a sex safe lubricant. Spread it all over your naked bodies. Roll around somewhere where messes are totally OK. Things are sure to get steamy in short order.

What’s Your Fantasy?

In this sex game, you’ll exchange sexual fantasies. At first, both of you will deliver modest, typical fantasies. But the point is to keep one-upping the other. This will allow each of you to build on the other’s fantasy. The idea here is that as each partner ramps up their fantasy, the other partner becomes more comfortable “being real.”

Such a sex game opens up vital sex communications and acts as erotic aphrodisiac.

The End

Playing sex games helps increase sexual communications and restart a physical connection between couples. There are dozens of sex game benefits and ideas. All you have to do is be open to the fun.