The Dopest Gaming Commercials We’ve Ever Seen

Video game commercials are all over our TVs these days. And that’s been true for decades. There’s a whole lot of game commercials out there, but which are the best, most memorable of them all?

We’ve compiled a list of worth best game commercials of all time. If you see any that are missing, feel free to leave new suggestions in our comments and maybe we’ll update this list.

Super Smash Bros: Live-Action Battle

The Mario Bros brand dates back to the 1990s when many of us recall playing Super Mario Bros on the old Nintendo 64 units. I mean, some of us recall this, at least. Mario has continued to thrive in the gaming world with Super Smash Bro: Live-Action Battle leading the way.

The key to this Super Smash Bro: Live-Action Battle commercial is that it encompasses both nostalgic fun vibes and, well, a little gang violence. Its an old school commercial but it “hits” the mark with its comedic play that’s rather unexpected.

Ice Hockey

Created by Activision, this Atari 2000 game was super popular at its time. So popular, that famed comedian and SNL star Phil Hartman (RIP) was the celebrity endorser at least for one commercial.

“One of the roughest video games around.”

This commercial gets you pumped up. Well, at least, it gets Phil going. This is another super old school vibe that’s fun and lighthearted. However, expect to want to play Ice Hockey no matter how modern you prefer your gaming experiences.

Halo 3: Believe

Now, on to the more modern gaming commercials.

The Halo series is one of the gaming industries most popular installations. So it stands to reason that this multi-award winning game would have a dope commercial accompany it.

In this Halo 3 commercial, Marines are featured in agonizing scenarios in high-res imagery as a backdrop piano cast dreary overtones. There’s not much in words, its all visuals that penetrate your soul.

Gears of War: Mad World

This first person shooter game is one of the most visually stunning of its time. In fact, its graphics stand the test of time even in today’s gaming ecosystem.

Gears of War’s Mad World displays a planet in doomsday vibes. But the best part of it all is that the song deployed in the backdrop is none other than “Mad World,” the same song from Donnie Darko.

The Gears of War: Mad World commercial is one of our favorites due to its dark soul feels. You truly feel that you’re experiencing the end of times when you watch it.


We can’t leave Atari’s Pitfall off our best gaming commercials list. This is mostly because the Pitfall commercial features none other than a young and energetic Jack Black. Yep, Jack Black’s career got started in an Atari commercial.

Jack Black does a superb job selling us on this Activision game.

Burger King

Say what?

Did you know there was a time you could purchase video games from Burger King?

In fact, he fast food chain released a super oddball commercial highlighting the fact. The Burger King mascot was in fact, stalking construction workers in the commercial. And they hint that you’ll find out who’s lurking behind the character’s mask.

This commercial is both awesome and absurd. But it is definitely worthy of our best commercials list.