Destiny Recreates Brendan Fraser Tantrum from Mummy (And It Is Awesome)

We love us some Brendan Fraser. And we aren’t alone. Seems the world wide web continually celebrates the once super famous mega-star, and once introverted expatriated, figure. Now, there’s a showcase of his original The Mummy fit and its pure gold.

Those who love the game Destiny are in for a big treat. Spidercides, who’s popular gaming accounts on YouTube and Twitch nearly rule the gaming universe, launched a new Fraser tantrum kit. And it’s like, super close to the original epic scene from The Mummy.

Spidercides says his inspiration came from Fraser’s return to movies and the public eye. He says he really likes him, that he’s “a genuine person.”

Spidercides is making it uber-convenient for Destiny players to get in on the action by listing the Destiny items necessary to play along.

brendan fraser transmog

So dope.

Fraser says his absence from tinsel town is due to a claim of sexual assault he has against Hollywood Foreign Press Association president, Phillip Berkin. Fraser says the incident occurred in 2003. In the 1990s, Fraser dominated the big screen, particularly following his debut in the action series, The Mummy.

Its all being called The Brenaissance and fans of the actor or falling all over themselves.

And to boot, there’s the potential for Universal Studios to reserrect The Mummy series. Who knows if that happens, but it does seem that both fans and Fraser want it to happen. And that’s a formula for “things to happen,” if you catch our drift.