Grand Fuck Auto Review: Stunning Graphics Fuel Sex, Adrenaline Rush

Parody porn games are as popular as ever. And there are none more popular than Grand Fuck Auto, The Parody. Grand Fuck Auto is a play on the famous “mainstream” game, Grand Theft Auto. Of course, Grand Theft Auto is itself, a brash and aggressive, hypersexual and violent game. Today’s Grand Fuck Auto review should serve to break down if this game is worth spending any cash on.

Clearly, porn game parodies are porn du jour. With so many, the quality of the games get deluded. But fear not, with Grand Fuck Auto, you get a full-throttle porn game experience like no other.

So, is Grand Fuck Auto worth it? Of course, but hey, I still have to review it. And the review might be just as hot as the game!

Grand Fuck Auto – A ‘Dirty’ Experience

The Grand Fuck Auto experience is based on a single compelling concept: Anything goes. The creators of the game, who make it clear they aren’t associated with Rockstar games, want every experience to be on the table.

Much like GTA, you’ll create a character and be cast out into a world that features 1,000’s of hypersexual people. According to the game, you’ll have “intense sex.” Being that Grand Fuck Auto is a porn game, that makes sense. But the game’s captivating appeal derives from so much more than just hot sex.

The stunning graphics combined with the horny narratives certainly live up the expectations. This is what drives the game (my pun game is on point today). The graphics are nearly as realistic as the original game’s. And that’s no easy accomplishment. It also makes all sex scenes an intense, special experience.

I mean, see for yourself…

grand fuck auto

Legit, right?

The creators of Grand Fuck Auto certainly did not hold back in their creation of a sexual dystopia.

Grand Fuck Auto – Where To Begin

grand fuck auto

To begin, you need to decide your gender. After that, you need to denote which experience you’d like to partake in. There are three levels to choose from:

  • Erotic
  • Hardcore
  • Extreme

Clearly, erotic is the softest experience you can choose. But even that’s not so soft, if you catch my “draft.” (Yeah, I did that.)

The console will ask if you are OK with the addictive nature and graphic sexual scenes. You’ll say yes, because, um, you’ve come this far. And how could you not expect or want that in your experience?

To start, you select four women to roll with you. Grand Fuck Auto does not jack around in the slightest, the intensity pops from minute one.

When it comes to choosing a ride or die partner, you once again, customize the level of experience you desire. You choose a level between casual, experienced, hardcore, and brutal. There is nothing gentle about Grand Fuck Auto, clearly.

Some browser compatibility checks will play out. You need to register for age verification purposes.

Following that, you enter a world of explosively awesome porn game graphics. I’d be remiss if I didn’t admit that Grand Fuck Auto’s realistic graphics don’t impress.

So let’s get into that, shall we?

Grand Fuck Auto Review – Stunning, Compelling Graphics

Let’s be honest, these days, a porn game with poor graphics is no game at all. The good news with my Grand Fuck Auto review is that this game won’t be one of those cases.

Like it’s inspiration in the original GTA, Grand Fuck Auto’s graphics are mindblowing.

As you can see from some screencaps below, the game can at times feel like a 3-dimensional experience.

grand fuck auto review experience grand fuck auto review graphics

The images pop off the screen. It feels as though you’re in the room.

The Plot

You can wander about, or you can pursue a mission. Dealer’s choice. If you choose to explore, you’ll find sexual opportunity all over the city (and outside of it). You can take on any sex position or desire you so enjoy. You can also roll with some violence, if you like. There are no limits to Grand Fuck Auto.

Here’s the thing: If you choose to just wander, your profile will be rather limited in capacity. Completing missions means more power, more functionality. So it’s best to not just participate as a vagabond, rather, to complete some critical missions as well.

Be Criminal

In order to appropriately complete this Grand Fuck Auto review, I robbed banks and stole cars. And I fucked. A lot. In some cases, I fucked a hot girl purely out of strategy to complete a mission.

What’s Grand Fuck Auto Cost?

Ah, the million-dollar question of this Grand Fuck Auto review.

So here’s the skinny.

Grand Fuck Auto requires you sign up using a credit card for age verification purposes. But to get started in gameplay, it’s a free experience. However, as soon as you want to fuck, you’ll need to upgrade to a $19.99 monthly subscription fee.

The price is a bit steep, but Grand Fuck Auto is certainly no slouch in terms of a virtual porn game experience. At times, it felt as though I was really fucking some of these virtual prostitutes. There is also an adrenaline rush to be had when stealing a car, even if the car you jack is in a virtual world.

You can sign up for Grand Fuck Auto here.

Other porn game makers have created GTA parodies, but I find Grand Fuck Auto to be tops. You may not. That’s totally OK.

That said, here’s Grand Bang Auto.

grand bang auto

For those of you who are fans of regular ol’ Grand Theft Auto, the sixth version has been delayed. Rockstar has given no release date, much to the chagrin of millions of GTA fans.