Nintendo Takes Down Peach’s Unknown Tale

If you were a fan of the Mario franchise’s Princess Peach partaking in erotic sexy time, your time may well be up. This following Nintendo’s copyright attack on all those who host the game, Peach’s Unknown Tale, a non-sanctioned parody porn game that has the bubbly princess resolving her issues in more of a prostitute’s manner.

As an erotic parody game, Peach’s Unknown Tale thrived going all the way back to 2012. But suddenly, Nintendo has a beef with the game. Nintendo is known to staunchly defend its brand, so this isn’t a huge surprise. But what is a surprise is that the porn game seemed to last a relatively long while.

Developer Ivan Aedler put his heart and soul into helping us all experience sexy Princess Peach in compromising positions. In the Mario series, Princess Peach makes her way through the Mushroom Kingdom hoping to quell the evil activity of the antagonist, Bowser. Aedler’s gem channeled Princess Peach’s more slutty side to help her pacify the eruptive Bowser. And yes, that’s pretty hot.

princess peach unknown tale porn game

Princess Peach often had sex with Goomba, another Mario rival, while wearing dazzling, sexy, and sometimes bizarre costumes.

The DMCA notice officially hit on September 17th. If you try to the old Github page, you’ll get the following notice:

“The copyrighted works are Nintendo’s characters and audio-visual works from its Super Mario video game franchise.”

Obviously, Aedler claims it’s a parody and should live on. But Nintendo is a massive corporation that has enough money to litigate a developer into the next decade.

Not sure if using a good VPN might work, but hey, who knows?

Princess Peach’s Unknown Tale leverages brilliant and eyepopping hentai artwork to convey its lewd tale. Over the years, it’s racked up millions of views and plays. It was updated by Aedler consistently, his passion was always clear.