Wasteland 3D – A Visually Stunning BDSM Porn Game

More and more people are admitting they fantasize about BDSM sex. Back in 2005, a study determined that 36 percent of adults use some sort of BDSM device or attire during sex. It’s 2020, so one has to believe that number has risen. But BDSM isn’t something you bring up at a garden party. It remains an underbelly sexual desire that’s often kept deep in the closet. For some people, they use a BDSM dating site to connect for discreet bondage-style sex. For others, they use BDSM porn games such as Wasteland 3D.

Um, we’re on the “others” team because, yeah, we specialize in porn games. And Wasteland 3D is a mindblowing and riveting and at times, intentionally painful BDSM porn game experience.

Wasteland 3D leverages the fantasy of BDSM and blends it in a savory manner with explosive graphics. We think you’ll enjoy this porn game.

What’ Wasteland 3D All About?

Well, the BDSM is strong with Wasteland 3D. It’s in your face and unapologetically so. This isn’t fluff, it’s beyond just a rough sex experience, and it’s lavishing in it’s adherence to realistic bondage visuals.

Whether you enjoy dominance or submissiveness, Wasteland 3D has you covered (or uncovered, depending on how you look at it).

Wasteland 3D is a virtual reality BDSM porn game experience. It’s full of options in terms of rooms and toys and BDSM devices. Almost every possible kinky fun narrative can be explored in Wasteland 3D. From spanking devices to large dildos, you’ll find no shortage of implements. If you can think it, you can deploy it.

Wasteland 3D’s diversity in settings, or rooms and places, is one of the game’s hallmarks. Its why so many people flock to this porn game. You can use a regular bedroom, a lockerroom, heck, even dungeon. You can set mood lighting. Every detail of your BDSM fantasy rest at your fingertips in Wasteland 3D.


In porn games, it’s all about those graphics. If your graphics stink, unless your porn game erotica, you aren’t going to do well. These days, porn game players expect top-level graphics and visuals to support a fun narrative.

Wasteland 3D has a tantalizing narrative. But can it’s graphics support it?

Why yes, they can.

Wasteland 3D is a visual stunner. It’s in a class all on its own. You’ll be consistently mesmerized to a point that your virtual reality will feel like your actual reality.

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What’re Wasteland 3D Costs?

wasteland 3d price

Unlike our free porn game collection, you’ll need to shell out your hard-earned money if you want to play Wasteland 3D. Again, depending on how you feel about this game, you may find it worth it to pay a subscription fee. Wasteland 3D is ripe with high-quality BDSM porn game fun, so it stands to reason that you’d need to pay something.

  • 2-Day Trial: $4.95
  • 1-Month: $34.95
  • 3-Months: $74.95
  • Half-Year: $134.95
  • Full-Year: $174.95

So scrape those pennies from the couch cushion underbelly. That is, if you feel Wasteland 3D offers enough of a high-quality experience to pay for it. Paying for porn games is a deeply personal decision, we get that.

Wasteland 3D is a visually stunning BDSM virtual reality porn game that sells the fantasy of bondage perfectly. Without being in a real BDSM situation, you’ll experience the next best thing in this porn game. In fact, many people begin their BDSM journey by way of Wasteland 3D. You really can’t go wrong playing this porn game unless you simply don’t want to pay. And hey, given we pump up the free porn game experience, we definitely understand.