Nintendo’s Sakura Succubus is an Obsessive, Odd Game

Nintendo isn’t the first console to come to mind for adult, or NSFW gaming. That’d be Steam, of course. Steam’s adult gaming category continues to grow. But Nintendo? Nah, never. They’re a family centered gaming experience. Right?

Welcome to our Nintendo Sakura Succubus review. Beware, it may change your perception of Nintendo.

Sakura Succubus – What’s It About?

sakura succubus review

First, yes, Sakura Succubus is an adult visual novel that features racy anime pics on Nintendo Switch. It’s not exactly the only adult Nintendo game as you can see here. But all the same, it’s rare air for adult concepts to make their way on a Nintendo platform that has, in the past, avoided such content.

Sakura Succubus is rated M for Mature in Nintendo’s catalog. To be clear, there’s no official nudity in the game. In terms of the adult aspect, this game mostly flirts in sexual directions, but no actual action goes down. Hopefully, that makes sense. What we’re saying is that this isn’t a true porn game. But its very adult oriented.

The game, as a whole, is a visual novel. You don’t choose directions, you follow along with the semi-erotic novel direction. There are choices where you choose an option, but no matter what you decide on, the visual novel remains the same.


You’ll play Ogasawara Hiroki.

Ogasawara is an esteemed photojournalist working for the Sakura Daily. His/your job? Photography of a pop star named Ikue Ayu.

But on your way to meet Ogasawara, things derail (almost literally) when your train doesn’t arrive on time.

A girl named Wakatsuki Marina offers to help you, and this is where things speed up.

Wakatsuki Marina

Let’s get to the brazen point of this game: Every girl you interact with melts for you. That’s the game in a nutshell.

sakura succubus review

The Sakura Succubus concept isn’t complex or impressive in any way. Its more about the idea that all these female characters are into the main character.

sakura succubus

From a visual novel perspective, this becomes rather routine. But from an anime art perspective, there’s a lot more hope for this game.


For Sakura Succubus, the graphics are the epicenter of the experience. The game deploys highly attentive, detail-rich anime characters. The backdrops are also well-constructed offering plentiful vibrance, but not so much as to take away from the featured character’s focus.

Given that Sakura Succubus as a story is subpar and you can’t simulate dating, nor can you make any choices that change the path of the game, the graphics are the whole thing. The good news is that the graphics are pretty solid.


Most of the music is simply used as a backdrop and there’s nothing compelling here.

You won’t rock out to Sakura Succubus, but the music is good enough for filler and to set a serene mood.


Sakura Succubus is a lackluster visual novel with compelling artistry in the anime field. The anime graphics are the only reason to play this adult game. While it is rated M by Nintendo, its mostly due to adult innuendo because there is never any nudity.

Most of the appeal of Sakura Succubus is because it’s on Nintendo where it lives among very few adult games. Otherwise, try Steam’s adult category, or the ones on Porn Games.