Sex Emulator Review: How To Play, Costs, User Reviews

Have you ever wanted to build the one night stand of your fantasies? According to the makers of Sex Emulator, you’ll be able to do exactly that. This 3D porn game allows customizable sexual experiences through simulation technology. But does it work? Is it worth it? Today, my Sex Emulator review intends to discover what’s really under the hood of this popular porn game.

Sex Emulator Review: The Basics

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Whatever your fantasy girl maybe, Sex Emulator allows you the opportunity to create her. While most porn games limit your experiences to the boundaries of the game’s settings, Sex Emulator positions itself as a full 3D porn game simulator with a myriad of customization options.

At first glance, Sex Emulator’s display appears more like an artificial intelligence live chat than it does a porn game. The cam-style interface allows you to open dialogue with your model. 

Immediately, you’ll notice that Sex Emulator’s graphics impress. At times, they overwhelm the senses. The on-point designs drive the customization experience to new levels. 

The key to Sex Emulators lies in achieving new levels that open up more and more customization options. What starts out as a basic chatting and dialogue experience quickly turns into an advanced sexual simulation that rivals any you’ve ever seen. 

How To Navigate Sex Simulator

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Initially, your model makes requests and ask questions. She’s essentially helping you set the stage for 3D customization, so it’s important that you pay attention.

For example, you might want an Asian girl, but with blonde hair. Maybe you enjoy large tits. Maybe you don’t. This initial phase of Sex Emulator works out some of your core erotic wants and needs. 

This phase of the game will feel simple, but in reality, it’s just a building block to more explicit and innovative sex simulation – so be patient.

The first level of the game gives you a few options, such as spanking or a blowjop, or anal, or even feet fucking. This phase helps advance your overall skill and comfort level with Sex Emulator’s interface. Simple actions lend to learning, which is exactly the point. After this simple level is complete, you’ll likely experience the navigation in the backdrop of the erotic gameplay. That’s the point.

As your levels increase, your ability to customize evolves. And it can get pretty intense (in a good way).

Sex Emulator: Free or Does It Costs?

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You can accomplish a decent amount in the Sex Emulator free mode. You’ll be presented with a number of upsells to premium porn game sites and regular video sites. These memberships cost roughly $29/month.

You’ll need to create an account, so the upgrades are unavoidable. But Sex Emulator is free, so it’s all tolerable and some of the upgrades are worthy of being seen. 


Sex Emulator’s graphics are banging great. You can’t beat them. Given the game is free, it’s even better. 

Sex Emulator makes money by upgrading you to better gaming and porn experiences. You may or may not want to upgrade. Sex Emulator may be a game you only play for a stretch and then move on. It’s worth it to try.