Steam Essentially Added a Porn Game Section and That’s Awesome

We love porn games in these parts, that’s no secret given the name of our site. And we fear no competition, particularly on paid gamer sites such as Steam, especially since they offer paid games, not free porn games. But we do embrace the growing popularity of porn games in the mainstream sector.

As part of the new browse features experiment on Steam, you can now search for porn games (among other searches). It’s officially known as the “adults only” section. But we know what it really is.

It’s basically the allowance of macro-searches such as “RPG” and “science fiction.” When you opt to utilize the Steam Labs experiment, they automatically enable porn game searches. And believe it or not, Steam holds a lot of pretty cool porn game titles.

Again, you’ll pay for these titles unlike how we operate with free porn games. But sometimes it’s worth shelling out a few bones for a unique porn game experience.

The introduction of porn game searching is a rather abrupt, and welcome change on Steam. Mainstream gaming tends to embrace sex and even violence, so it’s sort of ludicrous when they pretend they don’t already offer adult game content. This just formalizes what we’ve known for years. And allows Steam’s paid porn game section to grow and thrive.

For example, you’ve always been able to find Studio FOW’s Subverse, which at its heart is a porn game, on Steam. But with this recent change you can opt-in for, it’s even easier to find.