Tricolour Lovestory: What’s It About? Should You Play It?

Tricolour Lovestory was developed by HL-Galgame in 2017. It’s been a top selling Steam adult game ever since. Through brilliant grpahics, immense character enhancements and depth, and a good story, Tricolour Lovestory garners a lot of attention.

Here’s our Tricolour Lovestory Review.

Tricolour Lovestory Review – The Game

Tricolour Lovestory review

Tricolour Lovestory is a simulation dating game played on the foundation of an elaborate visual novel.

What its not?

A multiplayer game.

Tricolour Lovestory is a single player gaming experience found on Steam’s platform. It’s high-quality and thoughtful in its premise.

The visual novel houses over 1,000 words, which is stunning when compared to other visual novels in its class. This word-length equates to story and character depth at levels rarely seen in the Steam gaming world. Hence why Tricolour Lovestory is a top Steam NSFW game.

Tricolour Lovestory is more of a softcore experience, but still NSFW. There’s nothing intense about the content.

The story features an art student wrapped up in all types of dramas, including romantic ones.

All characters feature rich depth.

Now for the somewhat bad news…

Tricolour Lovestory is a translated game. So if you are primarily an English speaker, you’ll bumble around a bit and some of the narratives are less impactful due to “lost in translation.”

The music is often serene, and contributes to the overall vibe. The sound effects are excellent and surround sound. All of the audio truly adds to the gameplay in a great way. Clearly, there was a lot of work put into the audio effects.

There’s ongoing dialogue at the bottom of the screen. Again, its all translated and sometimes, not so effective. But its “good enough,” for lack of a better description. The audio is everpresent throughout gameplay.


Tricolour Lovestory’s graphics are thoughtful and energetic. This is a high-quality experience overall. There’s much detail in not only the characters, but their expressions and the world that surrounds them.

The Tech

  • PC Game
  • Resolution 1280 x 720


Tricolour Lovestory is a powerful NSFW Steam visual novel that also features dating simulation style. Its very softcore, but probably not a Steam game you play while in the office.

You’ll need to enjoy reading artsy novels if you want to play Tricolour Lovestory. Because that’s it in a nutshell.