Booty Calls: A Nutaku Hentai Porn Game Winner

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Booty Calls is another gem of a porn game to come out of Nutaku’s fine line up. Booty Calls blends lewd, sometimes obscene, and always rousing, gorgeous hentai girls with an array of game strategy that funnels you into sexual conquests.

Booty Calls is one of Nutaku’s more popular hentai porn games. It’s a brash undertaking with a lot to enjoy for the porn game lover. And hey, around these parts, we are all porn game lovers, right?

So how is Booty Calls gameplay?

Let’s break it down.

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World of Whorecraft – A Parody Porn Game That Wins

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World of Whorecraft is a cleverly named porn game parody of the popular World of Warcraft game. While World of Whorecraft is a game in and of itself, it’s also a marketing play that gives you access to My Gamer Vault, which contains a lot more porn games you can experience. World of Whorecraft is one game among many you get access to after the registration.

I review a lot of porn games, clearly, and I do feel that this game really does nail it. There are some cons, I’ll get into those as we push forward in this review. But overall, expect a good experience from World of Whorecraft overall.

Let’s get into this.

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Foxynite: Where Porn Game Meets Modern Warfare

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Another Nutaku “lewd” special, Foxynite offers adult RPG fans a taste of porn game heaven (pending there is a porn game heaven). Foxynite can be played on your Android mobile phone, or your PC. We have it listed on our top mobile porn games list, deservingly so.

Foxynite is an action-packed, sexy experience that features a “gun girl’s” mission to loot various dungeons. If that doesn’t appeal to you, I’m not sure what will.

Foxynite’s graphics and storyline are on point. But does it hold up under intense porn game review scrutiny?

Let’s find out…

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Otogi Frontier: An Eyepopping Sexy Nutaku Hentai Game

otogi frontier feature

Nutaku, once again, has blown away expectations on the hentai porn game market. Its latest creation, Otogi Frontier, delivers on some of the sexiest fairy tale gameplay you’ll find online today.

If you’ve wanted to get rotten with Snow White, Otogi Frontier trailblazes with a sexy anime game that allows you to do just that. The game also lives up to the Nutaku strategy game play reputation, as well.

Otogi Frontier whips, whirls, and arouses anyone who plays.

But how good is Otogi Frontier when compared to some of the top Nutaku porn games? Let’s find out.

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