NarcosXXX Review: A POV Pablo Escobar POV Porn Game

The popular Netflix series, Narcos, tells the dramatic story of how the cocaine industry began to rise in Colombia back in the 1980s. Watching drug kingpins off one another makes for incredible television. Likewise, NarcosXXX the porn game, makes for some pretty decent adult parody gaming fun. Because, the porn industry never lets a mainstream opportunity getaway (just see Grand Fuck Auto as an example case).

Today’s NarcosXXX game review dives in deep, but not too deep as to get gunned down (hey, while NarcosXXX is sexy, it’s also incredibly dangerous, mi amigos). We are talking armed drug dealers, prostitutes and bribed policia. That’s a formula for life-threatening danger.

However, fear not, walking the thin line between sexual pleasure and taking a shiny bullet to the head can be rather exciting. My NarcosXXX review will look at the game’s script, graphics, and whether or not it’s can be found in our free porn game library.

NarcosXXX Game Review

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Pablo Escobar was a world-renowned drug kingpin in the 1980s. His tale is one of legends. Coming from the MedellĂ­n, Escobar rose to international infamy as a world supplier of cocaine. The United States had tasks forces dedicated to taking him down. But it took many years for the CIA to make any headway. Eventually, they took him out. However, the time Escobar did spend on this planet was certainly not short any fruitful sexual escapades.

Narcos XXX allows you to relive those XXX experiences through a porn game interface.

Escobar runs The Medellin Narcos Trafficante Cartel. Your job is to be a cocaine kingpin that bangs hot Colombian girls on the side, or a DEA agent that, well, does the same on the other side.

While some of the game pits you against rival cartels and “federales,” a greater part of the game places in you Escobar’s bed where local girls flock to be with the man (you) that they admire. Remember, Escobar, helped rebuild Medellin, the place where he was born in a slum neighborhood.

You’re a hero no matter which side you choose.

NarcosXXX is a POV experience. You visit brothels, lavish mansions, slum prisons, and even cocaine farms.

NarcosXXX Basics: Exploring The Interface

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To begin, you need to choose a side. Do you want to be helping Nancy Reagan JUST SAY NO by taking down drug lords, or do you want to go to the dark side and help protect cocaine dealer networks in Medellin?

You choose your side, your gender, and what level you want the content to be. In other words, how much sexual content can you handle? NarcosXXX allows you to decide.

You will be asked for a credit card. As promised by my NarcosXXX review in the intro, this means that somewhere down the line, NarcosXXX isn’t a free porn game. So we don’t carry it in our porn game collection, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it.

There’s a few more setup actions to take, but otherwise, you’re inserted into a sultry drug kingpin world in short order.

You’ll need a basic mouse to use the game as it involves a lot of clicking. You’ll be given the option to utilize tools and weapons as needed.

You’ll need to kill rival cartel members and of course, have sex with some of the hottest women Colombia has to offer. That is unless you choose to fight on the side of the good ol’ DEA. In that case, you’ll take down cartell members but like your enemy counterparts, you’ll also have sex with super hot Colombian girls.

No matter which side you choose, you’ll be injected into a surreal erotic hardcore game land.

System Specs

You’ll need Flash and a computer that has more than decent memory. For the most part, I didn’t have any troubles, but my computer is pretty stout with memory. I’ve seen other NarcosXXX reviews claiming that their machines experienced some delays and stalls. But lots of variables exist for these type of problems, including poor Internet speeds.

You shouldn’t have much trouble if you have a decent system, but the experience won’t be perfect.

NarcosXXX Costs

As stated prior, NarcosXXX isn’t free.

When you insert your credit card, a two-day trial begins. If you don’t cancel, you’re on the hook for $39.95 per month.

There are lots of places online claiming to allow for NarcosXXX free downloads. I’d be cautious here, you don’t want to infect your computer with any viruses. Many websites use NarcosXXX free download text anchor to link to nefarious web installs. I’m just saying, use caution.

NarcosXXX Pictures and Graphics

I have to be honest, NarcosXXX pictures and graphics impress. In fact, I’d call the effects visually stunning. It’s more than enough to get your motor running.

Here are a few graphics I pulled.

Here’s you as a DEA agent.

narcos xxx game review narcos xxx game

Drug Kingpin sex, anyone?narcos xxx narcos xxx pictures

This image is a fine example of just how stunning the details in these game graphics are. narcos xxx girls

Overall, NarcosXXX wins the day with it’s graphics. It’s hard to justify a near $40 monthly subscription fee, but if you’ve got the extra money to spend, you won’t be let down. I can’t see anyone keeping a subscription for more than a few months, though. Let’s face it, we all get bored with porn games after a few months play. That’s why variety is so important.

NarcosXXX game review = 7 out of 10 boners. Great graphics, cool script, easy to use, and a decent flash foundation that’s only a little janky from time to time.