Handjob Dating And Porn Games: Your Guide To Super Orgasms

A year ago, I received an anonymous email from one of our many porn game users. I’d be remiss to tell you I read them all. But there was something about the title, which read “handjob dating and porn games are butter” that struck me.

It really stood out.

I wasn’t impressed by his metaphor, it didn’t make a lot of sense. But it didn’t matter. I found myself considering handjob dating (a term I’d never heard up to reading this email) and porn games (something I know as well as any adult male).

So when the sun dropped – the wife turned in for bed – the dog surrendered to hits cushy bed heaven – I read that email.

And it was brilliant.

This porn gamer explained his handjob dating and porn game habit. And I fell in lust with the idea. He claimed if you follow his way, you could have the mythical “super orgasm.”

So, I was all in.

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Cumshots: The Most Immersive Porn Game Online

cumshots feature image

The cumshot is a prized event in the world of porn. Porn movie directors work tirelessly to capture the explosive conclusion of hours of work. Porn game fans solve puzzles, answer trivia, and use their cursors in sophisticated fashion to achieve an eventual cumshot.

In most porn games, the name of the game is the cumshot moment.

So it makes sense that a porn game would self-title itself, cumshots.

Cumshots is a wildly popular porn game that allows gamers to achieve explosive shots that often trump any porn director’s best efforts.

Let’s break cumshots down.

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Cartoon Porn Games: An Extreme XXX Toon Game Experience

cartoon porn games review

For many porn game fans, cartoon porn games are a delicacy of which they can never get their fill. Cartoons and porn games go together like O.J.’s hand and tight gloves (well, better than that, I should say).

Cartoon Porn Games is one of the sexiest, most vibrant porn games you’ll ever play. But, it’s also extreme. Like, very extreme.

Do you have the stomach for one of the web’s most popular porn games?

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Dream Girl: A Hentai Porn Game That’s Free and Easy

hentai dream girl porn game feature

For a free porn game, Dream Girl has a number of bells and whistles that you might fancy. I’ve listed Dream Girl as one of our top furry porn games, mostly because I believe it’s simplicity in use, the fact that it’s free, and pretty hentai graphics make for a fun porn game experience.

You might feel otherwise, but how will you know unless you try playing it?

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Cloud Meadow: Learn About This Dazzling Furry Porn Game Gem

cloud meadow porn game feature image

A Team Nimbus kaleidoscopic porn game event, Cloud Meadow dazzles and enlightens while it assuages all our deeply erotic furry porn circuitry. Cloud Meadow breaches above our usual furry porn expectations with its delightful anthropomorphic characters and eye-popping environment.

Cloud Meadow is a sprawling, exciting RPG farm and monster porn game experience for all to enjoy (well, almost all, pending your 18+). It’s technological and character innovation reigns supreme in the XXX gaming world.

Is Cloud Meadow all it’s hyped up to be? (Yeah, but you should still read the review),

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Thirstchasm: A Simple, Yet Addictive Furry Porn Game

thirstchasm porn game feature image

A testing facility comes under scrutiny following a number of reportedly missing sexual exhibitionists. Are they being used in perverse sex experiments? In Thirstchasm, you’ll approach this terrifying, yet arousing lab, at your own peril.

Thirstchasm The Finale is the last version of the Thirstchasm series. Is Thirstchasm, or Thirstchasm The Finale, worth your time?

If you like furry porn games like we do, the answer is a mixed bag.

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Extended Stay: An Exciting New Furry ‘Monster’ Porn Game

extended stay porn game feature

There’s a new addition to furry porn game lovers. And it’s a gem. It’s called Extended Stay, and while it is only in alpha build mode, it’s already showing promise to become one of the top furry porn games online.

Alpha mode means that Extended Stay is still in porn game development, but gamers are able to download the latest builds.

Extended Stay is a pretty legit play in the furry porn market, so if that’s your cup of tea, you’ll want to stick around and read our review.

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Captain Hardcore: A Groundbreaking Virtual Reality Porn Game

captain hardcore review feature image

If you are in the market for a new Oculus Quest porn game, you’ve probably already heard the buzz surrounding Captain Hardcore.

This is less a porn game and more an experience in aesthetically pleasing sexual energy. The girls are realistic, particularly their flesh. Their eyes engage you. The room you enter whirls and whips you into a horny frenzy.

So what’s the story with Captain Hardcore?

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The Best Hentai Porn Games That Are Free To Play

Hentai porn games are more than fashionable these days, they are downright popular. Porn game developers are placing a lot more resources on the creation of exciting new games.

We offer a number of free hentai porn games, which is what I’ll focus on today. But you should also check out Hentai Heroes if you want something that may cost you and is super extreme.

The best hentai porn games offer potent anime graphics and a sassy, sultry sexual energy.

Here’s my list of the best hentai porn games that we have in our free library.

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